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Classified Ads are a great way to promote your business on the Internet. They offer an opportunity to quickly provide a synopsis of your business that includes benefits of your products and a quick way to enter our website. Since classifieds are typically included in topical categories and indexes you have an audience who is already looking for products in your category.

Graphics for Classified Ads

Placeclassified ads with an attached image that typically attract more attention from a target audience. Placing your graphic in the ad when you place your ad helps in your marketing efforts to entice readers to visit your website.
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Take advantage of classified ads to communicate your products and website to your potential customers. Classified ads are not the place to boast about you, your company, or your personal interests. It’s all about the customer and your product when it comes to classifieds. You only have a small space to engage a potential customer so use it wisely.

Communicate With Customers

Make every effort to be accessible when customers inquire about your goods. Be kind and accommodating, and answer any inquiries to the best of your ability.
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Schedule a Meeting

If you get a lot of calls for your item, be sure to spread out your appointments so that you have adequate time with each buyer and they don’t overlap. When a buyer comes over to look at your stuff, have someone home with you if as all possible. When dealing with individuals you have never met before, you can never be too cautious. You Can also take caution and meet buyers from Public places such as malls, Restaurants, Parks etc.


Before you begin negotiating, decide on the lowest price you are prepared to accept for your goods. This will make the negotiating process go more smoothly.


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You should never take a cheque as payment for your goods. Only cash or money orders should be accepted. If a customer decides they want an item but does not have cash on hand, always collect a deposit to keep the item until they can return. Make sure you give them a date to return with the amount owed. Even if you have a deposit, keep displaying your goods since the transaction is not complete until you have the cash in your hand. If someone else is interested, tell them you’ve received an offer and would gladly take their name and phone number down in case the transaction goes through. If the initial buyer backs out of the deal, you’ll have additional choices.

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Fake payment services

CityDealers does not offer any payment scheme in purchases. Please, report users claiming to offer such services.

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Avoind money transfer services

Requests to use money transfer Services such as Western Union or MoneyGram are not meant for transactions between strangers and many scams are run through them. Avoid such requests.

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Fake fee requests

CityDealers does not offer any payment scheme in purchases. Please, report users claiming to offer such services.